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Do you read fiber content before buying socks?

Before talking about this topic, let's learn more about yarn character here.Some of below information were got from news.

Ordinary socks are mostly made of single yarn such as cotton and nylon, while professional sports socks are made of special yarn polyester cotton blended yarn, and the yarn of professional sports socks will be processed in advance, such as moisture absorption and perspiration, antibacterial and deodorization. Some people may ask, what is the relationship between socks and yarn? How many people don't know that socks are made of yarn! Let's introduce the characteristics of the yarn of sports socks.

Cotton has strong skin affinity and certain anti sensitivity. It has good moisturizing performance, which means that cotton socks absorb sweat but do not sweat, which is a disadvantage for socks made of cotton. Non sweating means that it is easy to breed bacteria, which is not conducive to the environment of feet during exercise.

Polyester is also known as polyester fiber. Polyester treated with advanced technology is generally used to make professional sports socks, with good resilience, not easy to deform, wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. However, polyester without technical treatment has the disadvantages of poor air permeability and moisture absorption.

Nylon material is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, with smooth surface and certain toughness, but its disadvantage is poor water absorption, heat resistance and anti static property.

The biggest advantage of wool is that it is very warm, and it also has good elasticity, moisture absorption and air permeability. It also has high gloss in appearance and is not easy to wrinkle, but its disadvantage is that it shrinks and pilling that people hate.

And acrylic fiber is also known as polyacrylamide. It has the advantages of light weight, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, but has the disadvantages of poor moisture absorption and no wear resistance.

What about Polyester cotton blend? It has good elasticity, heat resistance and wear resistance, not easy to shrink and wrinkle, fast drying, smooth, soft and comfortable; However, the polyester cotton blend without technical treatment is easy to absorb oil and dust.

After understanding the above, do you know yarn content is very important? You know the closeness between socks and yarn. High quality yarn is the basis of good socks. So next time, read the fiber content before buying socks. Your action will be play a good role to your feet.





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