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Winter days,how to keep disinfection at home?

In cold weather, virus could stay alive much long,especially Covid-19. All of us should be well known clean and disinfect.Do protection in advance.

Do cleaning termly for our home is a must for everyone. Cleaning with a household cleaner that contains soap or detergent reduces the amount of germs on surfaces and decreases risk of infection from surfaces. In most situations, cleaning alone could remove majority virus particles on surfaces. Below tips are given by authorities.

1.Clean high-touch surfaces regularly (for example, daily) and after you have visitors in your home.

2.Focus on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches, and countertops.

3.Clean other surfaces in your home when they are visibly dirty or as needed. Clean them more frequently if people in your household are more likely get sick from Covid-19. You might also choose to disinfect.

4.Clean surfaces using a product suitable for each surface, following instructions on the product label.

Of course, before doing cleaning on surfaces, reducing contamination is also very important in daily life. For people who are already sick of Covid-19, please isolate until they are fine. This will help more other family members to cut connection with Covid-19 straightway. Besides, ask visitors who are not fully vaccinated to wear masks before stepping home.And remind every one wash hands often, especially when returning from outside.

Home is the our bay, a most safety place.And you can relax 100% after maintains above tips.You just need throw yourself to sofa and bed,put on our home socks, then start reading,eating,listening,and sleeping.





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